De Gewaande Krygsman, of Nieuwmodesche Minnaar

2007 – 2008

Author: Jan van Hoven
Director: Arne Sybren Postma

The 18th century masquerade that homerostheater made in 2007 – 2008 was an unadulterated farce from 1715 by the unknown author Jan van Hoven from the Hague.

This very special 18th century masquerade was made in close collaboration with the Werkgroep 18e Eeuw. This group acts as a hatch for information and knowledge from the eighteenth century history and as a meeting place for members and interested people. The Werkgroep celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008 and to celebrate this momentous occasion they organised a congress in Utrcht on the 25th and 26th of January 2008 with the theme: “Masquerade and Unmasking.” The show premiered at the congress and was later also performed in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede, multiple times in The Hague and Leiden, and twice in the Dominicuscollege in Nijmegen. The puppetshow-like production was famed for its physical expression and fat humor.

De Gewaande Krygsman is, as any good farce should be, a fairly flat story: Govert, the father of Dilliaane, is desperate to wed her to the nobleman Groothart, a pompous ass who can go on and on about his many heroic acts and has a curious preference for LARGE women. The lovable squire Eelhart is secretly very much in love with Dilliaane, but stands no chance to turn Govert’s mind without the help of his servant Krispyn, who disguises himself as a woman to seduce Groothart and stave off the wedding. He’s assisted by Jasje (the clownesque servant of Groothart), Bernardus (Govert’s nephew), and Katryn (Govert’s maid). Eventually the story culminates in a long scene in which Krispyn, in a very inventive disguise, succeeds in seducing Groothart and thus convincing Govert that he is unfit to be his daughters lover. Eelhart gets Dilliaane: all is well that ends well.


Jan Kees in ‘t Veld as Lord Govert
Corné Versteegh as Barnardus
Marlies Wisse as Dilliaane and Jasje
Anke Teunis as Katryn
Ed Balsters as Lord Groothart
Bernard Oosterbaan as Squire Eelhart
Thomas Gerkrath as Krispyn
Coca Román van Dongen as Anna and Harpist