The Pillowman

2009 – 2010

Author: Martin McDonagh
Director: Arne Sybren Postma

The Pillowman starts with an interrogation in a totalitarian regime. The talented, yet unpublished, writer Katurian is grilled on his rather morbid stories by the traditional good cop / bad cop routine. A number of his stories are suspiciously like some gruesome child murders that took place. What follows is a game of cat and mouse in which the fragility of life and the eternity of the writer are played out against each other. The art of telling stories becomes the lifeblood of the drama.

“Are you trying to say I shouldn’t write stories with child-killings in them because in the real world there are child-killings?”

Kafka meets Tarantino in this viciously funny, yet unsettling story about stories themselves.

The Pillowman participated with great success at the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) in 2009 in Brussels. Our performance won the 3rd place in the overall category of Best Production, and actor Wander Bruijel won the Blackie Award for Best Actor for his role of Katurian.