Hinterlands – Heart of Lightness


Author: Ko van den Bosch
Director: Arne Sybren Postma

The Hague’s Het Homerostheater has for the first time translated a modern Dutch play in English, presenting ‘Hinterlands – Heart of Lightness.’

Directed by Arne Sybren Postma, Ko van den Bosch’s ‘Hinterlands – Heart of Lightness’ is about an expat couple in Africa. While he leaves every day for work in his Enhanced Safety Mercedes-Benz, his wife stays in the air-conditioned villa as a victim to absolute boredom, afraid of the jungle and the savages. They kill time drinking, debating the situation in Africa, and the question whether to help the wounded native on the driveway, or to run over him. Then, she decides to invite the man in… 

Ko van den Bosch, Dutch playwright, actor and director, is well known in the Netherlands for the vibrant performances of Alex d’Electrique. It has been called the rawest Dutch theatre company, making anti-theatre with an iron logic, set in absurd multiverses.


Herman Duchenne as The Man
Lara Stanisic as The Woman
Micah Westera as The Native

Ben Stolk Set Design