Andromache & Neoptolemos from De Troje Trilogie


Author: Koos Terpstra
Director: Ivo Richaers
& Arne Sybren Postma

The only way to live is to trust in other people.
A man and a woman have a child. Simple?
Not if you consider that Neoptolemos and Andromache were once sworn enemies. That Neoptolemos is Greek, and Andromache a Trojan. That Andromache, once a princess, wife, and mother, is now his slave. That Neoptolemos had a hand in the death of her first child. That Neoptolemons is going to take another bride – Hermione – and he’s going to travel, leaving Andromache behind with the new bride. Or that Hermione’s father is Menelaos. Greek, father, and war hero?

I hope you realise I could kill you.

With De Troje Trilogie Koos Terpstra gave his perspective on the aftermath of the Trojan war. But honestly? It could have been any other war. Because the questions are always the same: How do you go on after a war? What is an enemy? How do you put aside all the horrors you have witnessed? Why would you pick yourself back up and go on living after witnessing all that misery?
Homerostheater looked to Andromache & Neoptolemos for the answers.


You are no longer a woman. You are no longer human. You can be forgiven for having nothing left, but that you are nothing is unforgivable.


Martje Zwierstra as Andromache
Niels Klok as Neoptolemos


“Bad things don’t happen to innocent people!”


Ilse Crooy as Andromache
Judith Amsenga as Hermione
Ruud van der Zalm as Neoptolemos and Slave
Jan Kees in ‘t Veld as Menelaos and Peleus